Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a right of residence apartment?
Anyone 18 years old who doesn’t own a residence that meets their needs in the application area, or doesn’t have sufficient assets to acquire one, can apply for a queue number and a right of residence apartment.
How do I apply for a right of residence apartment?

Apply for a queue number from ARA. Municipalities no longer grant new numbers. If you have a previously granted municipal number, you can use it until the end of the year. The municipal number can only be used to apply for an apartment in the municipality’s area. With ARA’s number, you can apply nationwide in Finland. Once you have a queue number from the municipality or ARA, submit your application on Aurinko Aso’s website.

Applying for a queue number

A) Applying online for ARA’s queue number
Apply for the number from ARA’s queue number service, available from 1.9.2023.

  1. Sign in, e.g., using your online banking credentials.
  2. Fill in the application.
  3. Pay for the number (9.20 euros) online.

Once you’ve obtained the number, you can apply for an apartment from any
location. The queue number is temporary, valid for two
years. An applicant can only have one active ARA queue number at a time.

B) Applying for ARA’s queue number using a paper form

From 1.9.2023, you can also apply using a paper application from ARA.

  1. Print a downloadable form from ARA’s website or pick one up from national, municipal, or right-of-residence association service points.
  2. Send the application and payment receipt for the number by mail to ARA.
  3. After processing your application, ARA will send you the queue number by mail.

Once received, you can submit an apartment application.

How do assets or income affect the process?
To get a right of residence apartment, you shouldn’t have enough assets to finance at least half of the free market value of the sought or equivalent apartment. The determination of the free market value is based on Statistics Finland’s published data on realized sales prices of old apartments by location. Those over 55 don’t have asset limits.
Is right-of-occupancy housing more affordable than renting?
Residents pay a monthly usage fee based on the cost principle, which means the fees can cover the owner’s costs incurred from the construction, acquisition, or improvement of the apartments, their maintenance, or administration

The comparison rent level and cost principle together form the basis for determining housing costs in the right of residence system. The usage fee shouldn’t exceed the rents generally charged for apartments of equivalent use value in the area. The quality standard required for right of residence apartments is often somewhat higher than for subsidized rental apartments. In contrast, the government subsidy for right of residence apartments is smaller than for rental apartments.

Can the right of residence tenant be evicted?
The right of residence contract is essentially lifelong. The property owner cannot terminate it. Termination is only possible in exceptional cases. Reasons for the owner might include the tenant neglecting payment, transferring the apartment contrary to the right of residence law, or causing disturbances. The right of residence can be passed on as an inheritance.
Can I swap my apartment for another in the right of residence association?
Mutual exchanges in right of residence apartments are possible without a queue number. For other exchanges, however, a queue number is needed. In your own right of residence project, you can change apartments without a queue number. For swaps, the swapper’s assets are no longer checked.
Can the apartment be sublet?
The holder can sublet their apartment temporarily to an external person if they reside elsewhere due to work, school, or similar reasons. Before transferring possession, the holder must notify the association in writing. The longest possible rental period is two years.
Can I renovate the apartment myself?
If you plan renovations or modifications, contact in advance to determine if it’s a reimbursable (credited) change or entirely self-financed renovation. Don’t start work before approval. For creditable improvements, agreements are made in advance. The association may also set conditions for material selection, and it might be a supervised renovation. In some cases, changes can be completely prohibited or come with a restoration obligation. Permission for modification is requested electronically through the property management office.
Can I have a pet in the apartment?

Yes, you can. However, you are responsible for any damages caused by your pet.

What factors affect the increase in the charge?

Charges are determined by the cost principle, meaning when the association’s finances are well managed and costs are minimized, they reflect in the charges. Residents can influence charges by being proactive and ensuring good property care together with other residents. Decisions on charges are made at the annual regular meeting of the association, where every resident is welcome.

I'm moving out, how does the process work, and when is the right of residence fee returned to my account?
If the property owner has not identified a new resident within three months of the relinquishment notification, they are obligated to redeem the right of residence. The resident is refunded the right of residence payment, adjusted according to the building cost index, within three months. In addition, the refund can take into account reasonable improvements made by the resident, which have been agreed upon in advance.
If there's something that concerns me, and I can't find the answer in this list, whom can I contact?

You can get in touch with either the property manager or the association. See the section for contact details. Guidance and advice are also available from ARA.

Can I remain in the queue if I don't get an apartment immediately?
Vacant apartments are offered to the applicant with the lowest order number. (Old order numbers have priority until the end of 2023, as they are older.) If you didn’t get the apartment you applied for or there’s no apartment available at the time of application, you can also submit an open application through our website, which is valid for 6 months.
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